Streets of Art

A series of new artistic flourishes are being added to one of Larnaka city’s most popular areas where artists have centered their workshops in the old neighbourhoods to form ‘the heart of Larnaka’s art’. 

The area parallel to Piala Pasha was already a hive of artistic inspiration and creation with nine workshops open to the public. Visitors are warmly welcomed at the workshops and galleries of painters, sculptors, potters and visual artists and can meet them, view their work, and also observe some of the artists as they skilfully work.

Recognising the artistic significance of these charming backstreets, some enhancements have been made to further define the character of the neighbourhood, as well as to guide visitors.

As from November, two impressive outdoor sculptures will grace the small square, crafted by artists Fotos Demetrious and Christina Charalambous, whose workshops can be found as part of the community. They will be further complemented by handmade, ceramic street and workshop signage, new benches and rustic flowerpots.

A handy map of the workshops has also been created for a self-guided tour and can be found here.

The result is a unique and charming area that is perfect for a stroll during the cooler autumn months, and is sure to delight art lovers with a taste of both traditional and modern art creations and methods.


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