The Sweetest Identity

What’s the latest buzz in Larnaka region? Nine mountainous communities have cemented their beekeeping and honey producing identity as part of the new ‘Honey Routes - Cyprus’ tourism programme!

The European MEDFEST programme with the Troodos Network of Thematic Centers as partner focuses on the promotion of a common identity for the communities Kato Drys, Kato Lefkara, Layia, Melini, Odou, Ora, Vavla, Vavatsinia and Agioi Vavatsinia, which share a rich tradition of beekeeping and honey production.

The programme will help to revitalise the rural communities through the organisation of bee-themed festivals and nature trails, and will be instrumental in preserving biodiversity through various actions such as the creation of bee hotels made of natural materials. The beneficial properties of honey and its versatility will also be actively promoted, including its incorporation in recipes and on local menus.

Each community will bear the logo of ‘Larnaka Honey Villages’ to strengthen its identity and will participate in the various activities. A ‘World Bee Day’ celebration was held in Ora on May 19 and a further two festivals are planned for 2019: the ‘Honey and Beekeeping Festival’ on June 23, and the ‘Children’s Bee Festival’ on September 15.

Take a trip to tour the nine communities this summer and enjoy the sweetest local experience!


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