Themed Exhibits to Enjoy This Winter

Whilst Larnaka Region’s event calendar is currently reduced due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the region’s museums continue to offer culture lovers something to look forward to with two, new themed exhibitions at the Pierides and Kallinikeio museums.

Museums remain open strictly in-line with governmental guidelines and adhere to all relevant protocols, including a limit on visitor numbers and prior reservation for visits where there are special presentations.

Venice Lace. The Evolution of the Tradition

The Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou in collaboration with Athienou Municipality is displaying 47 Venetian lace works with varying themes, handmade by embroiderers of Athienou and associated clubs, and accompanied by historical photos.

Athienou is known for its own distinct, handmade lace styles: Venis (or ‘pittotes’), and Athienou Lace (‘oloplouma’), which are made exclusively in the village and differ to Lefkaritiko lace. The lace craft has been recognised as part of the village’s unique heritage and added to the UNESCO National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Contact the museum on: +357 2452 4002 to arrange a viewing in-line with Covid-19 protocols. The exhibition runs until 3012/20.

Travelling in Mediterranean 

The ‘Travelling in Mediterranean’ themed exhibit is running at the Pierides Museum - Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation until March 2021 and is held by the Italian Embassy of Cyprus under the framework of the '20th Week of the Italian Language in the World' celebration. 

The theme of the exhibition is the myth of Digenis Akritas, with accompanying images and texts that have been collated by Iosif Hatzikyriakos in both Italian and Greek to connect the myth to life today.

The story of hero Digenis Akritas is the most famous of the ‘Acritic Songs’; epic poems that emerged in the Byzantine Empire and that celebrated the exploits of the Akritai - the frontier guards defending the eastern borders of the Byzantine Empire.

Contact the museum on: +357 24145375 to arrange a viewing in-line with Covid-19 protocols.



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