Weaving Memories

Spring is a fantastic time of year to enjoy different activities and ‘alternative’ holiday experiences away from the beach, and Larnaka’s rural villages are perfect for this with their traditional folkarts.

The village of Choirokoitia is already well-known for its invaluable Neolithic settlement, and now you can also enjoy watching the art of basket weaving at the workshop of local artist Petros Nicolaou – and even participate in the intricate craft!

Petros’ workshop is located within the family home – a beautiful 1903 building of traditional Tochni stone and wood - which doubles as his studio, as well as a small museum displaying furniture and artefacts relating to olden-day village life.

Practising 13 different types of traditional basket weaving, Petros learnt the craft from his grandparents and uses thin water reeds to create baskets that were used for different purposes in the past – such as carrying bread, making Halloumi cheese and transporting wine.

Petros can converse in English, German and Russian to explain how the baskets are made, as well as guide visitors on how to weave themselves. A typical basket can take up to three hours to complete, and as such, Petros has baskets partially made that guests can work on, as well as decorative baskets that can be bought as a wonderful souvenir of your time at the village!

You can contact Petros on: 99 205 833 for more details.

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