Weaving Traditional Memories at Livadia Museum

Livadia village is home to a unique basket weaving folkart using cane and reeds, and the preservation of this significant part of the village’s history has now been secured through the new Craft of Caning Museum, which showcases the art of weaving… memories of the past!

The museum was inaugurated on November 21 after an initiative by Livadia Municipality to create a space to preserve and share its traditional basketry ‘calamoti’, which is only practised by a handful of women today, but was once an incredibly important part of the villagers’ everyday life and employment.

In olden days, the women spent whole days of the year paring and splitting reeds in order to make various basketry products, and Livadia is the only place on the island where ‘psatharkes’ (traditionally used for roofing) are still made. The village's basketry and straw mat making are also included on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

The new museum displays this rich history in a modern and attractive way within a structure itself made with cane, and comprises a large array of baskets, musical instruments, tools and other interesting exhibits and information, including a photographic exhibition.


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