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As the warm winter sun shines on Larnaka, the town's ambitious projects are starting to really take shape, and 2014 will see lots of exciting changes for the region, which you can read about in this season's newsletter. We are pleased to report that the town's mascot – the beautiful, long-legged flamingo – is back, and a walk down the Salt Lake to appreciate these elegant birds is definitely a must. There is also a programme of events under the umbrella of European Cultural Winter, and a revised edition of Larnaka's complete guide to acquaint you with the region. With all this and more, winter is a wonderful time to enjoy mild temperatures, leisurely walks and a voyage of discovery in Larnaka, where you will find that this traditionally chilly season always comes with a warm welcome!

So, venture out and discover why the region is so diversely wonderful all year round, and stay with us throughout the year to watch as Larnaka continues to develop, grow and delight as a preferred destination.
A Promising Year Ahead
As we enter 2014, the future of Larnaka is looking as bright as the sun that shines on the town. One of the most anticipated projects is that of the Piale Pashia promenade that links the seafront castle to the hot spot of Mackenzie beach. The redevelopment of this area is due to finish in June and will make the coastal front more than 5 kms in length. The famous Foinikoudes promenade will also gain a revised look due for completion by the middle of the year.
Revised 'Where To' Guide
The complete, one-stop-shop on everything you want to know about Larnaka -'Where To...Larnaka Guide, Past & Present Treasures Revealed- has been updated and is now available to download. The revised edition has some exciting new additions and personal touches. Celebrity chef Tonia Buxton offers an insight to the Larnaka she loves, whilst the Members of the Board of the LTB also offer their personal recommendations and favourite places to visit.
Larnaka's Feathered Friends Return
The famous flamingos that grace Larnaka's Salt Lake between the months of November to March have finally appeared this year, later than usual due to the dry weather, and are a welcome sight in their flurry of bright pink. Flamingos have a good sense of when a lake reaches the right conditions for them and once they have identified that, can be there within a day. Flocks can number up to 10,000 and are one of the town's most defining sights.
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Voroklini Green Beach Progressing
The Yiannathes beach of Voroklini which is currently being environmentally improved under the 'Greening Cyprus Beaches' eco-initiative has begun its upgrades by planting endemic plants. Around 950 endemic bushes and flowers, which include the Cypriot mountain bush schinus, and the towering, flowering Oleander plant, have recently been planted along the seaside pedestrian road, fulfilling one of the criteria required in order to become a green beach.
Meet the People Behind Larnaka Tourism... Pantelis Livadhiotis
Having lived and experienced the town his whole life, Pantelis Livadhiotis has seen the changes and developments first-hand and loves his hometown, believing it to offer the best of all worlds: "Larnaka has the best set-up as a place to live and visit. It is a compact city that offers everything within very small distances, from the old town to the new one and everything in between. You can change scenery so many times, and yet you are in the same town."
Larnaka's Romantic 'I Do'
When it comes to planning a wedding, most brides envisage sunshine and sea, beautiful scenery and a location that evokes romance... it is no wonder then that Larnaka is a firm favourite for weddings as it ticks all the boxes! Civil weddings in Larnaka can take place at a number of picturesque outdoor locations and as words are sometimes inadequate in describing how truly stunning they are we have commissioned a series of images to convey the atmosphere and beauty.
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European Cultural Winter
When it comes to culture and entertainment, Larnaka has a reputation for putting on world-class performances all year-round, and winter is no exception with a popular cultural programme entitled 'European Cultural Winter'. The programme runs until March 07, 2014 and features performances from big names in Cypriot and Greek music, as well as international offerings. The Pavel Smirnov Orchestra from St Petersberg are also part of the programme.
Larnaka in Top 10 for Cycling
Larnaka's status as a top cycling destination has been confirmed with its inclusion in the European Mobility Week Award 2013 shortlist of the top ten European cities for cycling. Larnaka is a favourite destination for cyclists due to its excellent weather conditions, lack of strong headwinds and varied terrain and scenery. The region will also host a major cycling tournament in Februrary when the areas of Voroklini, Lefkara and Skarinou are part of the route included in the Cyprus Sunshine Cup.
That Friday Feeling!
Everybody loves Friday and the prospect of a weekend to enjoy, and if you are visiting Larnaka, then you will have no problem filling up the days with interesting things to see and do! To help you decide where to visit we will be recommending one great sight every Friday on our Facebook page (Larnaka Tourism) under the title 'Where to Go this Weekend'. The recommendations are not the usual attractions but rather, those less known gems that you will delight in uncovering.
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