Located at the start of the town centre, along Grigori Afxentiou Street, the bust of Apollonios of Kition is dedicated to the island's most distinguished physican of the 1st century BC.

As a physician belonging to the Empiric School of Medicine (founded in 330 BCE), Apollonios of Kition studied in Alexandria, but lived in Kition (modern-day Larnaka). The Empiric School of Medicine believed in deriving knowledge from experience only ('empiria' in Greek), and spread from Ancient Greece to Rome. He also wrote several books, with his surviving volume 'Peri Arthron' (On Joints) - which was written in Cyprus - currenly maintained in Florence. 

The monument is also part of the interactive ‘Storytelling Statues’ project that features several historical landmarks with a QR code. Scanning the code with a mobile device, you can select your language from English or Greek, and the statue then ‘calls’ you! When you answer the call, the statue will tell you its own personal story/history.

You can learn more about the bust of Apollonios of Kition as part of the Storytelling Statues here.