Kalavasos-Tenta Archaeological Site (Neolithic Settlement)

The Neolithic Age settlement of Tenta is situated a short distance from Kalavasos Village and dates to 8500-7000 BC. It is one of the most significant Neolithic settlements on the island, and is covered by a characteristic cone-shaped roof, which forms a contemporary architectural intervention in the landscape.

According to local tradition, the name of the site goes back to 327 AD when St. Helen - the mother of Constantine the Great - stayed in a tent (‘tenta’) in this location during her visit to the island following the discovery of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem.

The site has been virtually reconstructed in a historically accurate video that takes the viewer on a 9500 year journey back in time to see the area during the Aceramic Neolithic period (7.000-5.200 BC), when the island’s first permanent residents established a village west of the Vasilikos River plain. Watch the video here.

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