A stroll around Larnaka to take in all the essential landmarks is the perfect year-round activity, and with the option of three defined walks, you can visit a wide range of sites and learn all about the town's history and customs…at your own leisure and pace!

Each walk takes in a different aspect of the city and the three together combine to collectively capture everything you would want to see when visiting Larnaka, complete with informative placards describing the site or area of interest.

Walk A - Seafront & Town Centre - takes in statues and dedications, the old quarter, places of worship for Greek Orthodox, Armenians and Muslims, and old buildings, amongst other attractions.

Walk B – Archaeology & Museums – will take you back in time and share the city’s past traditions and its oldest buildings.

Walk C – Culture and Nature - will show you the area surrounding the Salt Lake where you can see the migrating flamingos, all the way to the city’s ancient aqueducts that stand proudly as a reminder of more primitive times.

The walks are free and all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes, the informative leaflet (which includes a map), and a good pair of eyes to see the walk’s logo on the pavement to guide you in the right direction... happy walking!

Click here to download an electronic version of the map.