Nestled in little streets that branch off from the main seafront; around Agios Lazaros (Saint Lazarus) Church and the nearby old neighbourhoods and city quarters, a whole array of artisans are busy in their traditional workshops, many of them inspired by ancient Cypriot art. 

Among the artists are candle makers, carpenters, pottery-makers, icon-painters and bakers, all of who will welcome you to watch them at work as they explain the history of their own particular folkart.

In particular, pottery is a very ancient craft on the island, with the red clay vessels - known as ‘pitharia’ - constituting an integral part of daily life in olden times when they were used to store and transport liquids such as wine and water, as well as for the storage of agricultural products. Today, the pottery studios combine tradition with modern design. Getting your hands dirty and creating something unique is a wonderful experience and some of the studios offer pottery making lessons/sessions, offering you the opportunity to make and take home a lasting memory of your trip to Larnaka!

Art Workshop Studios:

Studio Ceramics - Efthymios Symeou, Address: 18 Akteniz Str, Tel: +357 24 650 338

Emira Pottery - Michalis Michael, Address: 13 Mehmet Ali Str., Tel: +357 99 404 414

Photos Demetriou, - Photos Demetriou, Address: 9 Xanthou Lysioty Str., Tel: +357 99 466 095

Christiana Charalambous Visual Arts - Address: 28 Bozkurt Str., Tel.: +357 99 629 537 

Stavros Pottery - Stavros Stavrou, Address: 8 Ακ. Nteniz Str., Tel: +357 24 624 491