Municipal Market

The new Municipal Market opened in March 2023 on the site of the original market, which was in operation from 1928-1963 and was a thriving and important part of life. It was demolished in 1996 and municipal parking was created in its place with an open-air farmer's market taking place on the site on Saturday's, and a smaller indoor market operating opposite.

The new market combines modern elements whilst retaining the tradition of the 'agora' (local market) and is spread across different levels. There are 20 shops on the ground level selling local produce, including fruit and vegetables, dairy and cured meat, wine and baked goods. On Saturdays, an open-air  farmer's market operates in the yard. The market offers full disabled accessibility.

The mezzanine level is a space for cafes and cultural events and the upper level features a terrace with seating area, roof garden and bar.

There are a large number of parking spaces in the adjacent multistorey. 

It is located just metres away from the Zouchouri complex, which was also renovated at the end of 2022 to create a public square.

Opening hours are:

Monday – Saturday, from 7am – 7pm (March – October) and 7am – 6pm (November – February).  

Saturdays open-air farmer’s market - 6am – 1.30pm.

The market also holds free workshops, gastronomy demonstrations and events which are posted on its Facebook page.

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