The Phivos Stavrides Foundation - Larnaka Archives is a research centre that encapsulates the history and culture of Cyprus through over 50,000 documents, old and rare books, and unique publications that are from - or pertaining to - Cyprus. Its focus is on literature, archaeology and intangible cultural heritage.

Founded in 2015, the research centre is located in the town centre (on a corner of Zenon Kitieos shopping street) in the beautful, historic building of the former Ottoman Bank. It is active in organising seminars, exhibitions and events, including practical seminars that promote the learning of traditional crafts such as Lefkara lace.

The research centre also publishes books on history, art and crafts in collaboration with its partners, as well as designing and curating specialised museum exhibits relating to traditional Cypriot crafts, and their application to contemporary life. 

The building itself is an important landmark that is included in walking tours of the city. The Imperial Ottoman Bank was the first bank to open in Cyprus, with the Larnaca branch thought to date back to 1864.

Visits to the research centre are permitted with a prior appointment.