Wind and Kite Surfing

With its enviable and consistent sea and wind conditions all year round, two of the biggest and most adrenaline-filled sea sports can be enjoyed in Larnaka, with the region known worldwide as a top destination for both windsurfing and kitesurfing. Although different in their style and skill requirements, both sports rely on balance, coordination and certain climatic conditions, which are perfectly provided at Larnaka’s coasts.



The more established sport of windsurfing can be practised on a number of different organised beaches, and with various licensed and established operators and clubs. The sport of SUP (Stand up and paddle) is also growing. You can find both at WindsurfCityCyprus:

WindsurfCityCyprus, Mckenzie Beach

WindsurfCityCyprus is a windsurfing and SUP Centre offering lessons and rentals. The location of Mckenzie Beach offers ideal wind conditions and the water is mainly flat with small chop for perfect blasting, speed sailing and freestyle.

As a member of VDWS, and a recognised and certified school since 2010, the company follows approved standards and methods for the management of the centre and windsurf training.

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Tel: +357 96 445 101



Whilst a relative newcomer, kitesurfing is going from strength-to-strength and is especially popular on the Larnaka beaches of the Mazotos/Kiti villages, where research into wind conditions have determined that the area not only ranks as one of the best spots on the island for kitesurfing, but also within the whole of the Mediterranean region. Its suitability for the sport – which takes advantage of both wind and water elements - is thanks to steady, consistent winds throughout the year, which peak from May to October. The sea is also safe thanks to an absence of rocks, whilst the waters are shallow, and there are no strong currents.

Kitesurfing on the island is also attracting big international names to its major events, which include tournaments in the summer months, organised by the three local kitesurfing schools/clubhouses. More information on the sport, the event calendar and the guidelines and requirements for partaking in it are available on their websites:


Kahuna Surfhouse, Mazotos

The Larnaka Kiteboarding Club founded the first fully equipped kite centre on the island in Mazotos, at the Kahuna Surfhouse. It specialises in beginner to advanced kitesurfing courses, which are taught by International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) instructors, and abides by the safety and quality regulations of the IKO.

As a community of water enthusiasts, the Larnaka Kiteboarding Club welcomes beginners to the sport as well as free riders, and holds annual beach events. The centre is equipped with all amenities for friends and families to join in on the fun too.

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Tel: +357 99 543 811


The Spot, Softades

Located in Softades near Kiti, this designated beach for organised kitesurfing known as ‘the spot’ is run by the Lefkosia Kitesurfing Club (LKC). Open to everyone, it features a kitesurfing school – Kitemed - that runs beginner to advanced kitesurfing courses, which are taught by International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) instructors, and abides by the safety and quality regulations of the IKO.

The LKC is actively trying to enhance safety of the extreme sport, and also generate athletes for future Olympic games now that kitesurfing is a recognised Olympic sport.

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Tel: +357 99 548 363


Wavebandits, Alaminos

WaveBandits are an international network of premium kiteboarding centres all over the world, and set up their 10th centre at the Aldiana Hotel in Alaminos, thanks to the ideal conditions at the coast there.

Lessons are taught in English and German for groups or privately by an IKO and VDWS Kite Instructor and Examiner, and the centre is open from the end of March until the end of October.

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Tel: +357 99 695 513