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Larnaka’s Spring Serenity
  Spring has gently sprung in Larnaka, bringing sunny and serene days that are echoed in the quiet of the ongoing pandemic. It is certainly a different spring… But just like the season brings nature’s renewal and awakening, we hope that it will also mark the start of the region’s own re-awakening as life starts to slowly return to normal. This season sees several new openings across the region, including the new Multicentre of Creativity and Culture in the heart of the town centre, and a conference centre and open-air market – both in the mountainous villages. These new beginnings give us hope that as spring spreads its warmth and colour across the region, we are ever closer to welcoming Larnaka's dear friends back. Until then, keep Larnaka region in your heart, as you remain in ours.  

Larnaka’s New Home of Handicrafts


Larnaka Region handicrafts will soon have a new home in the heart of the town centre at the ‘Multicentre of Creativity and Culture’ where visitors can watch the artisans at work.


The New Centre of Lefkara


Lefkara’s new Multi-functional Conference Centre is set to officially open in March, bringing a modern event facility to the traditional mountain village - famous worldwide for its handmade embroidery.


Meet You at the Market!


The nostalgic atmosphere of an open-air market is making a resurgence in Larnaka Region with the creation of two, new markets located in mountainous Agios Theodoros village and Larnaka city.


In the Footsteps of the Phoenicians


Larnaka city’s link to the Phoenicians is set to further strengthen with the long-awaited excavations of the ancient port of Kition in 2021, as well as the island’s inclusion in the ‘Phonecians' Route’ network of 11 countries.


Sport is a Winner in Larnaka!


Larnaka region’s potential as a winning sporting destination has been confirmed by a new study that examines the future of sports tourism on the island and predicts that with its continued promotion for both tournaments and training, the region is a strong contender for first place.


Global Acclaim for Local Animation


Inspired by a quirky Larnaka character, the locally and independently produced animation ‘The Parrot Lady’ is gathering acclaim and accolades across the world at some of the most prestigious independent film festivals.

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