Buzzing Along with the Larnaka Honeybee Nature Trails 

The creation of the island’s first themed nature trails is buzzing along nicely with the formulation of the new ‘Larnaka Honeybee Nature Trails’ at three of the ‘Rural Larnaka Honey Villages’. 

The ‘Rural Larnaka Honey Villages’ is a cluster of nine quaint villages in the region’s mountainous areas that practice beekeeping and honey production and have their own unique, collective identity. Sadly, some of the villages were affected by summer fires that destroyed land and the ecosystem of the bees, but hope can grow out of the ashes of tragedy, as the creation of three beekeeping and honey themed nature trails will see the area regenerated once more. 

The project by Larnaka Tourism Board and the communities of OdouVavla and Vavatsinia is being created in cooperation with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and guided by the Troodos Network. Each of the three villages will have its own nature trail with a different theme that ties in with the overall theme of beekeeping and honey production. The trails will all have a signposted entrance with maps and information, as well using beehive models in innovative ways such as for seating or as containers. Bee friendly trees and greenery will be planted and water sources and bee ‘hotels’ will be added – all aimed at increasing nectar and bee productivity. 

Odou will have the 'Bee Navigation Route' – a 2 km long trail with a difficulty rating of 2 that follows the route of bees as they find water, nectar and create hives. An old path and waterfall that were inaccessible before the fires will form part of the route that will start at Odou waterfall and end at its village park. 

Vavla’s ‘Bee Life Path’ focuses on the hardworking and diligent nature of bees throughout their lifecycle. The nature trail will be ideal for children as it has a difficulty rating of just 1. Starting from the church of Agios Georgios in Vavla and ending at the traditional stone well and water basin, there are stunning valley views along the way. 

An existing path in Vavatsinia will be adapted to create ‘The Humming Bee Path’ – a 2.5 km long path with a difficulty rating of 2. The theme of the path is health and wellness using bee and honey therapies and products, as well as the soothing nature of the buzz and hum of bees at work, inspiring the creation of yoga and relaxation areas. 

The design of the nature trails will be ready by the end of this year, with the construction of the first path implemented within 2022. The project will help to enrich mountainous Larnaka’s tourist attractions, as well as protecting and encouraging the essential role of busy little bees!

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