Civil Marriages

Civil Marriages can take place between foreigners, Cypriots, and foreigners with Cypriots at Larnaka Municipality. In order to file an application for marriage, the couple has to obtain certificates of marital status as follows - and depending on their relevant status:


Different documents are requested according to each nationality. All documents must be recent, original, stamped and officially translated into English. 

There are two procedures of Civil Marriage; the Special Procedure and the procedure by Notice of Marriage.

Special Procedure

If the couple has a special reason for marrying early, they will follow the Special Procedure whereby they can get married the same day of their application, or less than 15 days after.

Notice of Marriage 

In this case, the couple will sign the Notice of Marriage and can get married after 15 days from the day of their application, but no later than three months after.

The ceremony is very simple and takes about 10-15 minutes. After the celebration of marriage, the couple, the witnesses and the Marriage Officer sign the certificates and the couple are given one (1) original Certificate of Marriage. A certified true copy of the Certificate of Marriage is also available from the Civil Marriage Office for an additional fee.

The Civil Marriage Office working days and hours are: Monday to Friday, 07:30 -14:30 

The fees for the procedures of civil marriage are as follows, and may be subject to slight flactuations:

  • By Special Procedure    €281.90 
  • By Notice of Marriage   €128.15 
  • Certified Copy                 €13.65 
For any further information, or to arrange an appointment for the application or the celebration of a marriage, please contact:
Civil Marriage Officer of Larnaka Municipality
Tel: 00357 24 816 564
Fax: 00357 24 653 384 
Salt Lake