Larnaka BiennaleAn Arts Extravaganza! 

An extravaganza of art is gracing the galleries of Larnaka city for the second edition of the ‘Larnaca Biennale’, which takes from October 13 – November 26 and encompasses a range of exhibitions and parallel events with the participation of local and international artists. 

Multiple exhibitions will take place under the theme ‘Limitless limits’ alongside an additional 15 artistic and cultural parallel events, including theatre, film screenings, performances, lectures, workshops and tours. There are also a host of official food and beverage ‘city spots’ participating in the event. 

Main exhibition spaces are the Municipal Art Gallery, The Multispace of Creativity & Culture, and Pierides Museum – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation (all in the heart of the town centre), alongside other eclectic venues both in the city and as far as the rural villages. 

The first Biennale took place in 2018 with great success, with the second edition planned for 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event had to be delayed, but as a result, its theme and contributions have also taken on a new angle as the world grapples with the pandemic and the changes that have come with it. 

In introducing the theme for this year’s event, Curator Vassilis Vassiliades says that it is the ‘unexplained something’ that awaits the public; that ‘the raptured social fabric is being woven anew from within, and Art, the lady weaver, works double time so that when, at long last, humanity will heal and exit from the darkness it will be able to face its reflection in the mirror undaunted’. 

So, what can culture lovers enjoy during the island’s largest collective arts event? The premium programme combines art exhibitions of different disciplines (painting, mixed media, photography, sculptures and more) with micro festivals like the Open Studios – AQPP Festival (with guided tours of art workshops, open mic events and music performances), as well as street music, film screenings and dance. 

The full programme can be found on the event website here, and on the Facebook event page. 


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