Seaside Strolling!

A walk in the balmy sea air is one of life’s simple pleasures and a wonderful summer tonic that can be enjoyed in abundance in the Larnaka region. It is also a big part of the vision to unite the entire coastal front and create the ultimate 75-kilometre sea walk, which is coming to life with the extension and creation of parts of the sea paths under the master plan.

The latest paths to benefit are those of Pervoilia and Voroklini, which are in the process of being given major facelifts! Work has begun on Phase A of the walkway of Pervolia, which starts at the popular Faros (Lighthouse) beach and meanders through 1100 metres to ‘Journalists Village’. The path will incorporate a pedestrian and cycle path, along with other improvements, such as lighting, the planting of trees, observation points, six squares, and steps leading down to the beach. Phase B will then extend further to link up with Kiti village and its coast.

For Voroklini, the works will concern the extension of the existing walkway that takes in the Dekeleia Road coastal strip, and will eventually merge with a walkway in Pyla to continue the seamless sea walk of Larnaka.

These improvements follow the upgrading of the Piale Pasha coastal road last year, which now allows pedestrians and cyclists to travel the entire length of Foinkoudes and McKenzie on one uninterrupted path that runs parallel to the sea.

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