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Meeting at Larnaka Tourism Board Premises - May 2022

The second meeting of Time4AC was held at the offices of Larnaka Tourism Board (LTB) on May 16 - 17, 2022, where presentations were given; the next stages of the programme were discussed and tasks were allocated to each partner.  

Day one started with a summary of the research conducted in the project for IO1 and IO2. The next part of the meeting was dedicated to artists and persons involved in the artist and cultural sector of Cyprus who presented the topics: ‘The Challenges of Small Cultural Businesses and the Need to Adapt to New Technology’;  ‘Contemporary Craftmanship in the Homo Faber Guide – Artisans in the Digital World’, and ‘The Various Uses of Digital Tools by Cultural Institutions: Good Practices’, which was followed by a discussion with local artists regarding their digital needs. 

Day one was concluded with a presentation and discussion on the ‘savoir-vivre dictionary for terms relevant to persons with sensory disabilities – basic phrases and terms related to the cultural sector’.   

A very successful component of the meeting was the cultural tour for persons with sensory disabilities on Day 2. This was designed to showcase what is on offer in partner city Larnaka but also to obtain valuable feedback from the participants on how this offering could be improved as per the project’s goal of ‘developing solutions supporting cultural institutions and creative sector through greater openness to remote opportunities and to a new target group of people with sensory disabilities’. 

Feedback was very positive, and in particular, representatives of Fundacja Transgresja told the meeting that being able to touch and feel authentic exhibits with history of thousands of years instead of replicas was a very unique and special experience. Some further suggestions were made on how to further adapt activities for persons with both visual and auditory disabilities. 

The rest of the second day included a discussion on IO3 and the best practises to be collated to create a guide of cultural and creative institutions that serve as exemplary examples of tourism for persons with sensory disabilities, as well the presentations on the dissemination and evaluation activities of the project.

Meeting in Wroclaw, Poland - October 2022

A meeting was held at the premises of partner Dobre Kadry Ltd that covered the progress of Results 1, 2 and 3 and the next steps to be taken for the collation of a Best Practises Guide for cultural institutions offering tourism experiences for persons with sensory disabilities, as well as the creation of instructional videos and a sign language dictionary.

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