MAAS (Match, Attain and Sustain: New Methods for Europe’s Job Brokers Supporting Tourism Businesses, Ukrainian Refugees and Job Seekers) is comprised of partners from Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Iceland and Ukraine. 

The project’s main topic is meeting the labour market needs of the tourism sector via the training of intermediaries (employment counsellors), with a parallel topic of emphasising support for Ukrainian refugees as part of the job seekers the project aims to engage. 

The project deliverables will include a multilingual eGuide for the MAAS method; a cloud platform that allows the management of people and tasks with an interactive approach to delivering a specific task or job. 

Project website


Kick-off Meeting - Malaga, Spain - October 2023

The face-to-face kick-off meeting for the project was held on October 2, 2023 in Malaga Spain where each partner presented their organisation and the significance of the project in relation to their operations, and an in-depth overview of the project, its aims and timeline were given through different presentations and exchanges.

Community of Practice Workshop (CoP) - March 2024

LTB held the March CoP session on March 27 with the theme ‘Tourism Trends & Needs (Cy and EU)’. 

The agenda included guest speakers from LTB’s network of stakeholders and associates, followed by a break-out session that splits the partners into three groups to compare and analyse country-centric practices. The groups then presented and compared their findings. 

Mr Panagiotis Hadjiloizou - Tourism Officer A’, Deputy Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus presented ‘Adapting Cyprus’ Tourism Strategy to European Tourism Trends’; Dr Katerina Antoniou - Author and Lecturer in Tourism, UCLan Cyprus spoke on the topic 'Tourism as a Form of International relations – Easing Mobility in Times of Crisis', and Mrs Christina Sofocleous -  Member of the Board of Directors of KEPAKY Foundation discussed 'Facilitating the Integration of the Ukrainian Refugees into the Cypriot Society'.

The CoP was successful in meeting its objectives, with the presentations offering both interest and insight that facilitated a hearty dialogue between the partners in the break-out rooms.

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