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Springtime in Larnaka is a glorious time of year... the region is bright in bloom as the fragrant scent of flowers fills the air, and the temperature is perfectly pleasant, opening up a host of options for interesting things to see and do. It is also a special time of year for Cypriots as they celebrate the most important religious date of the year - Easter. This year, Orthodox Easter falls on the same weekend as that of Western Easter, making a trip to Larnaka during this time doubly festive with the contrast of different traditions from Western chocolate Easter eggs to Orthodox red-dyed boiled eggs. As spring is the season of renewal, it brings with it new activities and attractions, such as the upgrading of the Larnaka District Museum, activities at the planetarium, and a horse and carriage ride around the town! We also detail some of the great events coming up this summer so that you can plan ahead for your future trip to Larnaka. As a result of this wonderful season, it is difficult not to feel a spring in your step too, so enjoy spring in Larnaka and all the surprises it brings!
Enjoy Easter in Larnaka
April 20 marks Easter Sunday for both Orthodox and Western Easter this year, and whether you celebrate Easter or not, the run up to this important religious festival with its special customs is interesting to behold. Larnaka also has its own unique traditions in honour of St. Lazarus, its Patron Saint. The region's hotels will be offering special packages and holding their own events as will many of the traditional villages where the old customs are most prevalent.
Upgrades for Larnaka District Museum
Larnaka has a rich history that spans different civilizations over the course of thousands of years, the remnants of which are housed in its District Museum. The museum is undergoing renovations to its west wing - which showcases the Iron Age - to further enhance the presentation of its exhibits, and these are due for completion before the end of the year. The complete refurbishment will show the exhibits in a more modern and comprehensive manner.
Galloping Through the Town
With such lovely temperatures, the weather is ideal for exploring, and whilst taking a stroll through the city centre is nice, you can now see its sights at a gentle trot with a horse and carriage ride instead! The horse and cart rides are available both mornings and afternoons for adults and children, with a choice of routes. Offering a unique holiday experience, they are also perfect for romantic occasions such as weddings and honeymoons in Larnaka.
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Meet the People Behind Larnaka Tourism… Victor Mantovani
Victor Mantovani has been actively bringing visitors to Larnaka for over 30 years at the helm of the town's largest inbound travel agency, and as Chairman of ACTA for the last six. Victor believes that the town offers a unique advantage in what it offers: "Larnaka is a small town where visitors will find an authentic experience, mingling with the locals and their traditions. Larnaka is also an excellent winter destination." And as for the future? Victor says Larnaka is on its way up!
Celebrating Larnaka's Famous Shipwreck
Larnaka will be celebrating its most famous shipwreck - the Zenobia - this June with a programme of events in honour of the Swedish roll-on-roll-off ferry. The programme will take place from June 23-30, and will showcase the wreck - which ranks as one of the top 10 in the world - as well as its underwater wealth. The programme will include a mixture of sporting, leisure activities, informative and cultural events, and contests.
Larnaka Sands Welcome Beach Volley Tournament
The town's reputation for holding international sporting events is rising fast! Larnaka's beautiful Foinikoudes sands will once again welcome crowds from all over the world when the town hosts the FIVB U21 Beach Volleyball Swatch Youth World Championships between July 22-27. Organized by the Municipality of Larnaka and the Cyprus Volleyball Federation, the tournament will host a total of 128 athletes from 61 countries.
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The Cyclists Paradise
Larnaka has always been a favourite destination for cyclists thanks to its excellent weather conditions, lack of strong headwinds and varied terrain and scenery. If you would like to enjoy a ride en masse whilst visiting Larnaka, three cycling groups meet regularly and welcome new riders. The Larnaka Cycling Community meet every Wednesday evening, Podilatoparea Savvatou meet on Saturdays and the Faros Cycling Club meet on Sundays.
Children's Cultural Activities at Museum
As a compact, family-friendly town, Larnaka caters for its little friends with plenty of fun activities both on and off the sands, and this summer, the island's rich history is the focus of two activities at the Pierides Museum. Taking place in June and July, this unique museum will be holding an interesting role-play event based on the story of Goddess Astarte 'We are Archaeologists' and an arts and crafts session related to museum items.
Reach for the Stars!
Everyone knows about the sun(shine) in Larnaka, but what is lesser known is that the region also 'reaches for the stars'... and moon with its own planetarium in Kiti! The Kition Planetarium and Observatory welcomes visitors by appointment or at its events, which it holds in English, Russian and Greek throughout the month. The premises consist of a five-metre dome, an observatory, weather station, conference room and an exhibition of fossils.
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