With ideal weather conditions, varied and challenging terrain and beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that the region of Larnaka is a firm favourite for leisurely and competitive cycling – all year-round.

The terrain outside of the main city lends itself to mountain-biking of all abilities, with gentle slopes and forest trials being matched by more serious off-road mountain terrain that will offer a challenge to even the most experienced of bikers. And whilst you will enjoy the feel of the balmy Mediterranean breeze through your hair, unlike other destinations, the island’s wonderful climate lacks strong headwinds… perfect for exploration by bike!

The most popular months for cycling are those of spring, which also welcome high-calibre cycling events, including The Cyprus Sunshine Cup. And with new networks of urban cycle paths being added continually, and joining to the designated cycle routes, all you need to do is grab a map or complimentary cycling publication and get pedalling!

Don't worry if you can't bring your own bike; there are facilities for renting within the region. For more information, get in touch with the experts: (a) Cyprus Cycling eFederation, (b) Bikin' Cyprus Adventures (c) Zypern Bike  

To download the CTO Cycling Routes of Larnaka Region click here
Cycling Groups

If you would like to enjoy a ride en masse whilst visiting Larnaka, three cycling groups meet regularly and welcome new riders, with no charge for joining the ride.

The Larnaca Cycling Community meet every Wednesday evening, 6.30pm at Europe Square (the start of the Finikoudes promenade). The group says the purpose of the ride is “for everyone to take part irrespective of age, stamina and bike gear.” You can find out more on their Facebook page: Larnaca Cycling Community.

Podilatoparea Savvatou meet on Saturdays, 8am at Lidls on the Aradippou/Larnaka road with routes announced one or two days prior on their Facebook page: Podilatoparea Savvatou. Their goal is to “empower cyclists to gain the strength and endurance… and to get people loving cycling.”

The Faros Cycling Club meet on Sundays and cycle mainly within the Larnaka district, as well as further afield, with the aim to “promote cycling and its benefits in Cyprus and also to provide advice, support and information.” More details are posted on their Facebook page: Faros Cycling Club.

Pump Truck

For those seeking a place where both children and adults can cycle safely in rough ground, Larnaka offers a new Pump Truck not far from the Salt Lake. Just bring your own BMX or Mountain Bike... and don't forget your helmet! For more details, contact: 00357 24 653 333.

Salt Lake