Rural Women's Club

The ‘Rural Women’s Club’ project of the Erasmus+ programme of the EU is aimed at supporting women in rural communities and their pivotal role in preserving and practicing local traditions, with an emphasis on gastronomy with partners from Cyprus, Greece and Poland. The full name of the Erasmus Partnership in Adult Education Sector Project is Rural Women’s Clubs – Locally Active in Traditions and Tourism and the project number is: 2022-2-PL01-KA210-ADU-000094036.

LTB's participation for Cyprus is alongside the Women’s Association of Rural Larnaka (WARL); a collective of women from Larnaka region’s village and mountain communities who are active in keeping handmade traditions (gastronomy and handicrafts) alive, and also organise the annual ‘Festival of Tradition and Culture’ each October. 

The other partners are: 

  • Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich Czapla w Jesionce, Poland, Project Coordinator (KGW Leader)

  • Dobre Kadry. Centrum badawczo – szkoleniowe. Sp. z o.o., Poland (DK Partner 1)

  • Agrotikos Metapiitikos Sinetairismos Ginaikon Livadiou, Greece (SOFRAS Partner 4)

  • Institute of Citizen's Sustainable Development and Health, Greece (ICISDE Partner 5)

The project allows the women’s groups to share their customs and best practices with one another and compare the culture of each partner country, with the project materials including three guides on how rural women’s clubs benefit and enrich the communities they operate in through their traditions and activities. 

Project News - October 2023

Project partners from Poland and Greece visited Larnaka for a partner meeting, and their local women’s groups participated in the ‘Festival of Tradition and Culture’ presenting their own unique products based on the traditions of their respective countries and regions. During their visit to Larnaka region, the project partners toured rural villages and participated in cooking workshops. 

Project News - Completion of Reports

As part of the deliverables of the project, three reports have been compiled with case studies of traditions and activities of the rural women's groups of Cyprus, Greece and Poland. 

You can read Report 1: 'Local traditions as an idea for effective educational activation of the local community'; compiled by the Polish partners of the project here. Report 2: 'Local Culinary Specialities as an Area of Education for the Local Community'; compiled by the Greek partners of the project here. Report 3: 'Green Practices in Tourism, Tradition and Sport for the Local Community and Tourists'; compiled by Cyprus partners Larnaka Tourism Board and Women's Association of Rural Larnaka is here.

Project News - Final Partner Meeting

LTB attended the partner meeting for the ‘Rural Women’s Club’ project of the Erasmus+ programme of the EU on May 17-20, 2024 alongside Cyprus co-partner Women’s Association of Rural Larnaka.

The meeting was hosted by the Sofras Women's Cooperative in Livadi Elassonas, Greece and was an interactive meeting between the partners from Greece, Cyprus and Poland that showcased the activities and traditions of the women’s cooperative, including gastronomy workshops and cultural activities.

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