Larnaka's Loyal Friends

Mr Krister & Mrs Lena Kindberg

"Larnaka is offering a genuine and still untouched atmosphere with great historical values and is very easy to reach."

Mr Stig & Mrs Inger Morin

"Larnaka is a town that still has historical charm and the most friendly people."

Mr Leif & Mrs Eva Holst

"We return to Larnaka because it is an easy town and the beach is just perfect."

Mr Anton & Ms Edita Baernthaler

"Larnaka is the nicest and most comfortable place, it has wonderful beaches and we feel like it is our second home."

Mano Maritime Ltd

"Awarded for organising over 70 ship calls in Larnaka Port for 2013."

Mr Hans & Mrs Ann-Britt Beminge

"It is a lovely Cypriot town, we have seen it grow and change through the years since 1987 and we hope to come for many more years! We love the small restaurants in the small streets."

Mr Peter & Mrs Bronagh Flynn

"Larnaka is a town which makes us feel relaxed and happy with life. Its people and places are of the highest quality."

Mr Varenov Andrey & Mrs Sharipova Inesa

"We return to Larnaka because it is a very calm town with good services, friendly people and close to the airport."

Mr William & Mrs Theodora Goss

"Thoedora was born in Livadia 2 kms from Larnaka. It, therefore, feels like home for all the family now. Larnaka offers everything a discerning tourist could want."

Mr Alexander Pershin

"I return to Larnaka because it is close the airport. Convenient location. Nice sea view. Quiet environment. Clear waters."

Mr Ingram Ronald Derek & Mrs Jones Aileen Ann

"We return to Larnaka because... it is the best!"

Mr Ron & Mrs Olive Durie

"We fell in love with Larnaka the first time we came and now we feel it is our second home. The people are lovely and so friendly and welcoming."

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