Mr Barlow Richard & Mrs Macfie Jane

"We always come back to Larnaka for the continuous sunshine, friendly locals, many restaurants and local atmosphere"

Mr & Mrs Szardien

"We very much like the direct access to the sea, all the surroundings, cleanliness, friendliness of all people working in our hotel, very good food and especially the climate. Relaxation and rest is 100%."

Mr & Mrs Bruce

"We always feel very much at home in the hotel we are staying in, where we always receive a warm welcome from all the friendly staff."

Ms Friederike Lederhilger

"Larnaka is for me a place of recovery and relaxation. The weather is wonderful and the people are very friendly. I feel very good here. The sea and the beach are fantastic."

Mr & Mrs Fallon

"We love Larnaka for its easy access to the airport by taxi, the weather, and the very relaxing atmosphere with friendly people."

Mr Cyril De Bustros & Ms Nada Rabbat

"Larnaka is a very pleasant place to stay, calm and the people are very friendly. We feel like home here - well we actually, we even feel better than home! Our favourite spot of Larnaka are the old quarter."

Mr Demetris & Mrs Panayiota Antoniou

"We always come back because of family connections and birthplace, but also for so many different attractions such as Agios Lazaros, museums, its hospitable people and beautifully arranged hotels."

Mr John & Mrs Christine Morrow

"We Always Come Back because..."In Larnaka we feel link in our home. We love Larnaka's beaches."

Mrs Esther Margrit Schneider

"I Always Come Back for the many attractions, museums, and the friendly Larnaka people."

Mr Ronald & Mrs Joyce Isobel Sidgwick

"We Always Come Back because to enjoy the 5* facilities and look forward to being looked after by the 5* management. The location is amazing. For us the issue wasn't where to go but when!"

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