Mrs Sonja Kirisits

"I love Larnaka because of the sun, sea, food, hotel and nice weather."

Ms Eva Kirsten & Ms Gisela Beyer

"We return to Larnaka for the seaside, shops, market... everything is nice!"

Mr Dieter Leetz & Ms Ingeburg Sobanski

"We return to Larnaka for the nice town, climate, perfect sea, nice hotel."

Mr Dietmar & Ms Monika Horak

"We choose Larnaka for the weather, friendly people and the staff of our hotel."

Mr Ingemar & Mrs Ann-Sofie Greander

"We return to Larnaka because it's a nice town, everything is close, the centre, beach, food etc. We have a lot of friends in Cyprus and Larnaka is situated in a perfect place for us. I'm Swedish in my passport but a Cypriot in my heart."

Mr Knut Ivar Hermansen & Mrs Synnove Hildur Rein

"I love the people, their kindness and the whole place."

Mrs Yvonne Jensen & Mrs Iren Juto

"We like the people and the atmosphere. The food, the sun and the weather."

Mr Hans-Dieter & Mrs Margit Wolff

"We return to Larnaka for the sea and the staff at Sandy Beach hotel."

Mr Werner & Ms Aloisia Bassa

"We return to Larnaka for the weather, sea and nice people."

Mrs Josephine Egger

"I choose Larnaka because it is the perfect holiday, not far away, feels like home."

Mrs Etelka & Mr Ernst Huber

"We always return to Larnaka for the climate, the lovely people, beautiful hotel and amazing staff."

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