Larnaka's Loyal Friends

Mrs Sonja Kirisits

"I love Larnaka because of the sun, sea, food, hotel and nice weather."

Ms Eva Kirsten & Ms Gisela Beyer

"We return to Larnaka for the seaside, shops, market... everything is nice!"

Mr Dieter Leetz & Ms Ingeburg Sobanski

"We return to Larnaka for the nice town, climate, perfect sea, nice hotel."

Mr Dietmar & Ms Monika Horak

"We choose Larnaka for the weather, friendly people and the staff of our hotel."

Mr Ingemar & Mrs Ann-Sofie Greander

"We return to Larnaka because it's a nice town, everything is close, the centre, beach, food etc. We have a lot of friends in Cyprus and Larnaka is situated in a perfect place for us. I'm Swedish in my passport but a Cypriot in my heart."

Mr Knut Ivar Hermansen & Mrs Synnove Hildur Rein

"I love the people, their kindness and the whole place."

Mrs Yvonne Jensen & Mrs Iren Juto

"We like the people and the atmosphere. The food, the sun and the weather."

Mr Hans-Dieter & Mrs Margit Wolff

"We return to Larnaka for the sea and the staff at Sandy Beach hotel."

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